>Last day of National Novel Writing Month

Finishing word count: 50,043.
I feel like singing that “You did it” song from My Fair Lady.
I’d like to say that this would not have been possible without the constant encouragement of many family members and a few friends. And let us not forget Sean’s persistent encouragement in the form of shoving me awake and thrusting my laptop in my face every time I felt like giving up. He’s really annoying like that, but it seemed like it worked. I think I would have ended the month at around 20k without him.
And I still have soooo much more that I want to say in my novel. I feel like I have so much yet to learn about my characters and where they’re going in life, and how they’re going to change from who they were just a few short weeks ago. *sniff* they’re growing up so fast!

*muah* *muah* good night all, and thanks for following along with me during nanowrimo 2009!

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