>My Lord is near me all the time

>Discovered this song today at Alameda Baptist Church. I found the tune uninteresting, but the words really caught my attention. It says something that I’ve often tried to express but always failed.

My Lord Is Near Me All The Time
Words and Music: Barbara Fowler Gaultney

v1: In the lightning flash across the sky
His mighty pow’r I see,
And I know if He can reign on high,
His light can shine on me.

v2: When the thunder shakes the mighty hills
And trembles ev’ry tree,
Then I know a God so great and strong
Can surely harbor me.

v3: When refreshing showers cool the earth
And sweep across the sea,
Then His rainbow shines within my heart,
His nearness comforts me.

ch: I’ve seen it in the lightning, heard it in the thunder,
And felt it in the rain;
My Lord is near me all the time,
My Lord is near me all the time.

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