>november crazy

>The key to NaNoWriMo, which I think they tried to tell me when I signed up, but never really sunk in until today, is that you have to just keep spewing it out, no matter how bad it is. Normally I would think of a better way to say– “He looked down at his hands to make sure he was still invisible–he was.” I wouldn’t ignore the fact that I just used a dash two sentences ago. I would avoid at all costs using “desperate” three times in one paragraph, and using words like “alright” and “nonetheless”. But these are not normal circumstances, my friends. Desperate times, desperate measures. If I have to just keep writing the bad screen play and wait for the artistic descriptions to come in December, then so be it. I will get caught up on my writing! I will further my plot along with terrible dialogue! I will go forth into the tempest which is……NANOWRIMO!!!!!!!

Quote of the Day:
the pen is mightier than the sword.
–wiki it.

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