>A few things from my day

>One: I hate it when people judge other people based on the consequences of previous actions rather than who they are. I must confess that I’m guilty of the same thing, but when I see my friends being judged by others who don’t even know them, I get angry.
Two: I forgot what else I was going to say, because I am angry.
Three: I had like fifty people tell me today that they couldn’t believe that I was skating, that I was very brave, how terrible that you have to be out in the rain, that they wanted me to be careful…etc. I had one person tell me that I shouldn’t skate and I was being stupid. No matter that my boss told me I had to plus I haven’t EVER fallen so maybe I’m a good enough skater to be skating. Oh, and I had one person tell me that I had to throw away their trash (which is a health code violation, by the way) because they didn’t want to get wet using the drive-thru trash. Didn’t notice that I was wet or have been in the rain all day.
Four: I’m in a very negative mood. I should get off here before I find something wrong with every aspect of my life.

Song of the Day: “Love story” by Taylor Swift

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One Response to >A few things from my day

  1. mbmb says:

    >How can you be in a negative mood when you listen to Romeo and Juliet?
    I'm sorry you had a bad day with the rain because I have been loving every minute of it. Course, I wasn't out in it but a few minutes to go get ice tea for one of my managers…

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