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It really sucks that a person can’t see a mess that isn’t there. All they see is the part you missed, not what you got. So if you leave a spot on the floor, they yell at you. Never mind that it was crunchy and gross and required back-breaking work to clean the floor and you only missed that one spot because your wrist was tired by that time. You’re still going to get yelled at. I guess that’s why so often I feel like relinquishing my rag and scrub brush and letting everything stay a mess, so that somebody else can see just how bad it was before I cleaned it.
It sometimes feels like that in life, too. That people only see the bad parts of you and never take the time to realize all the good parts about you, all the things that could be wrong but aren’t. I know I have faults, and I’ve been working on them, but even after all these years I still do things that I shouldn’t. Can’t people just accept that I do it less often than I used to and get over it? Can’t they give me brownie points for trying?
Or am I just complaining about something that I should instead be fixing? We should all be striving for perfection, so why should I be upset when other people get upset that I’m not perfect?

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  1. Bailey Thomas says:

    >Jessie, I love this. I cleaned my parents' whole house a few weeks ago, and I forgot to do one doorframe in the back of the house that no one ever sees. When my mom went to inspect, she got upset that I'd forgotten that door and made it sound like I hadn't done anything all day. I was like, "It's just one door! The rest of the house looks great!"

    So frustrating! I completely sympathize with this. Great way of putting it.


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