>Name that character!

>Can you guess who this is? How should I proceed with telling this person’s story/ should I just drop it / go a different direction?

“When I was a little kid I thought that I was destined to be a hero. I thought I could save the world, like Superman. He had all these amazing powers, but he was just a figment of somebody’s imagination, so didn’t it make sense that since I had just a few powers, I could be the real deal? A toned-down, more realistic super hero that everybody could count on, instead of just dream of. I didn’t realize then that nobody wanted my help. They all thought they were their own superheroes.”

Quote of the Day:
I hope this hasn’t put any of you off flying. Statistically speaking, it’s still the safest way to travel.
–Superman, both the first movie and the last (how clever of them)

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