>Thought of the Day:
It’s amazing how different people sound in reality than they do on say, like, Facebook. On their profile, sure, they sound like really interesting or boring people, but then, when you meet them in person, they really quiet or really opinionated or just stereotypical blah. Are we more real on paper (or online) or are we pretending to make others like us? Or are we a weird combination of what others see and what we put out there for them to see?

Quote of the Day:
Ain’t it nice to know that it don’t have to be perfect.
–Sara Evans (or whoever wrote the lyrics to the song that she sings.)

Soundtrack of the day:
Sean almost snoring; Saccy taking a bath.

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2 Responses to >Perceptions

  1. mbmb says:

    >So am I more like my facebook page or like the me you know?

  2. mbmb says:

    >And actually you have only been "The Bubblehead" since 2003? or was it4?

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