A Work from Home Mom, 2016

Things have changed a lot from when I started yesterday’s post. For starters, my kids are now in Kindergarten and capable of making their own peanut butter sandwiches instead of being toddler sippy cup junkies. In case you can’t gather from this post, we homeschool. Another difference between now and then is I have a steady stream of author clients whereas two years ago I was more of a sporadic editor. I am very happy about this. Editing is something I love to do (also I love how it helps us pay for our kids’ extra curricular activities and our Netflix account).

This timeline recounts, in approximation, a day in the life of Jessie Sanders, November 2016.

7:20 The boy creeps stealthily, like a ninja (or so he thinks) into my room. I tell him to go back to bed although honestly he’s probably been playing for half an hour already, and I go back to sleep.

7:30 Sean’s alarm goes off.

7:32 I get up. Help the boy with his cereal and milk. Unload the dishwasher. Check Facebook.

7:50-8:10 Do math with the boy. As usual, he does two lessons, because he never believes me that he is only required to do two pages.

8:10-8:45 Listen to the boy stumble through four pages of Bugs and Us.

8:40 The girl wakes up and stands next to me like a spectre while I wish John would sound out “honey bee” already. I mean seriously, son, it sounds like it’s spelled! There’s no tricky dipthongs here!

8:45 Send the boy to play in his room while I help the girl with her math.

9:00 Make Sean’s lunch, make Sean get up for work, make coffee, get the girl some breakfast, tell the boy that he can’t have second breakfast.

9:10-10:00 Dump some brine shrimp eggs into salt water so they’ll hatch and we can look at them under a microscope the next day.  (Note: they never hatched.) Review the process of reproduction. Memory verses and reading from Adventures in Ancient Greece complete our school work for the day.

10:00-11:00 Boy and Girl get to watch Octonauts (justified because we’re supposed to be learning about the ocean this month). I copyedit a sample from a potential client/author.

11:00-11:30 Throw food at the kids.

11:30-1:00 Send the kids outside to play. I finish my second round of edits on a different manuscript, email them back to author.

1:00-3:30 Facebook, a little Netflix, a lot of breaking up fights between Boy and Girl. Mostly I’m working on the manuscript that I’ve been concept editing for over a month. 360 pages down, only 185 to go!

3:45-5:15 Go to the YMCA.

5:30-6:30 Make dinner, welcome Sean home from work, eat dinner.

6:30-9:45 Weekly date at Starbucks with my writing group. I write 2800 words on GCA3.

10:00-midnight Spurred my success at writing night, I come home and write another 4,000 words on GCA3, then stare at it for twenty minutes to wonder if I’ve really, after over two years of writing and editing, finished this stupid, stupid novel.

And now all that’s left for you, dear reader, is to wait patiently while Grover Cleveland Academy #3: To See Clearly is edited and published so you can see the fruits of my labors! Until then, catch up on the Grover Cleveland Academy series if you haven’t already.

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And check out my short story series: The Soldier and Kerri, A Telling, Starcrossed, and Fire and Lightning.


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