Authors Say…

“I would strongly recommend Jessie Sanders to anyone looking for a freelance editor.¬†Like most editors, she can critique story structure and character development as well as grammatical and style issues. But as a writer, too, Jessie understands the writing process, which allows her to discuss and coach her commentary, not just mark things she doesn’t like.”

Aaron Pogue, author of the bestselling Dragonprince Trilogy

“Other professional editors have described the work Jessie did on my novels as ‘flawless.’ This is a woman who would swear on the Chicago Manual of Style before testifying in court. Hire. Her.”

Joshua Unruh, author of Saga of the Myth Reaver: Downfall and TEEN Agents in The Plundered Parent Protocol

“When I send a story over to [Jessie], I know that when she sends it back, it will be a better story. She not only sees flaws, she also knows how to take the ‘okay’ stuff and make it sparkle. She’s honest about what parts of the story don’t work, and she’s patient in explaining why…. If you want skillful, professional editing, Jessie is the one you want to hire.”

Courtney Cantrell, author of The Legends of the Light-Walkers series

“Jessie Sanders not only knows the p’s and q’s of grammatical excellence, but she is able to help me fine-tune my personal style and voice with her sharp skills in revision. She always gives attention to my vision as the author while still enlightening me with new ways to present it. I might be the inventor, but she is the craftsman who comes in and smooths my rough edges.”

Krissi Dallas, author of the Phantom Island series


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