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>Goals for May

>Short term goals:Drink/eat a TON of vitamin C and stop being sick!Read two more books (at least) by the end of May. (Book count to date an abysmally low 14)Eat all the random food in the back of my fridge and freezer.Spend more time with my animals.Wash my blankets and get ready for summer by […]

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>April updates

>Let’s see…where am I right now? Only a third the way through Les Miserables.Another pile of books to read is forming around my bed, and that’s not even counting the other books queued up on my Kindle.Need to wash dishes.Need to wash Sonic clothes.Need to get away from Sonic!!!! I could spend a very long […]

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>Time to eat

>You know they always say that you should never go grocery shopping hungry, but I’ve found that I shouldn’t go shopping when I’m well rested and feel like I have plenty of time to cook. Today I bought salsa, ice cream, eggs, chips, yogurt, and a TON of fruit. I got kiwi, nectarines, plums, and […]

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